A Couple Of Specifics Why Home Depot Credit Card Is Actually A Good Investment

Published: 17th August 2011
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If you shop in Home Depot a lot, then getting your own Home Depot Credit Card will definitely be a good idea.

There is a great selection of credit cards available in the market today. And the Home Depot Credit Card is just one of them. Another example would be the Amazon Credit Card. There are also different types of credit cards. For instance, there are 0% credit cards and 0% balance transfer credit cards. So how do you choose which to pick among them? The key here is simple: choose the one that will suit your needs. And with the Home Depot credit card, you can never go wrong.

What the Home Depot credit card is

The Home Depot credit card is basically a special home improvement and retail credit card that is offered exclusively by Home Depot. But another good point with the Home Depot Credit Card is that you can buy items from other retailers at the same time.

The Home Depot Credit Card is especially beneficial for you if you are planning to do big purchases in Home Depot, or if you are a regular customer here because of the wide range of benefits that you will surely enjoy.

There are essentially two types of Home Depot credit card that you can apply for, each of them posses benefits that you will definitely find useful.

Types of Home Depot Credit Card

The first one is the Home Depot credit card for consumers or consumer account. This is specifically for individual consumers. Basically, this is for homeowners who make small purchases on materials for basic home construction needs. Under this Home Depot Credit Card type are two accounts you can apply for.

One is the Home Depot Consumer Credit card, which you can use this credit card to buy items for retail stores of Home Depot personally or online. The second one is the Home Depot Rewards MasterCard where every dollar you spend in buying items from the store will earn you two points.

The second type is the Home Depot credit card for big businesses. Under this type are two accounts. You can choose between the Depot Commercial Cards and Depot Business Rewards Master Card. These accounts are essentially for small to large businesses, which make bigger purchases. Examples are those engaged in building construction and interior designing firms.

Why get a home depot credit card

The Home Depot Credit Card offers a lot of advantages. Here are some of them.

One of the primary features that makes the Home Depot Credit Card famous is the fact that here, there is no annual fee. This is, in fact, a very rare find these days. And with this feature, you can surely save big bucks.

Another edgy feature of the Home Depot Credit Card is the reduced APR. If you happen to spend $2000 and above in shopping using your card, then your APR would be reduced from 21% to 15.48%. You can even use a credit card calculator to verify.

Essentially, the Home Depot credit card is a wise investment because of the many advantages it can offer you.

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