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Published: 17th August 2011
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HSBC is one of the leading banks of the America and you can say that the HSBC credit card is a master card, which can be used at more than 1 million locations across the globe in more than 210 countries and this is certainly quite amazing. You will find that the most important advantage is that it is a master card. Some of the exclusive features are certainly the hospitality area as well as the concierge services, which are available at some of the destinations. For this card, you will just have to pay a nominal 159% APR, which is the lowest as far as all the banks are concerned and this makes this one the superior as well. We know it as 0% master credit card and you just need to be over 18 years of age. There is one more requirement that you must be earning more than 10,000 pounds per annum. You will be glad to note that you can apply for the credit card out here even if you have a bad credit score. You also need to provide the ID proof as well as the address proof as well and these are important if you want to apply for the credit card.

There are more than 25 million locations all over the world, where you can use this HSBC credit card. You need to know that you are relieved as the card annual fees as well as the card application fees is certainly zero. The minimum credit limit is around 500 pounds or around 800 dollars.

You need to note that for the first 56 days, you will not have to pay any interest and thus you are free from paying any kind of interest. You need to know that the first job is certainly to calculate the remaining statement balance, which is done by subtracting the annual insurance premium from the annual income and the minimum balance will depend upon this minimum amount. Now you need to know that you need to pay 25% of the total amount or 5 pounds, whichever is less.

You need to note that the minimum credit limit is around 12 pounds as well as the lower amount is around 5 pounds. You will be doing the purchasing and you will be happy to note that all the purchasing will be free from the interest rates for the first 12 months and you will just have to pay around 29% intro rates for the next 24 months. If the payment is made through cash then in that case the APR is in between 219% to 278%. Credit card payment is beneficial. The HSBC also provides the credit card calculator and you can calculate all the things related to the credit card including your monthly installment as well interest rates. Through the Amazon credit card and the Walmart credit card, your power of purchasing is going to be limited to some stores but the HSBC is a real bank and provide the real global HSBC credit card, which you can use at any place.

You need to know about the shopping reward program and you will certainly find that this is being provided by the HSBC. All your online payments are free of cost and you need understand that your transactions are being protected through some of the top algorithms like AES, DES as well as SHA1. You are also being provided with the online access and you can make the payment through your HSBC credit card from any corner of the world and feel free to remember all this, as the rules are now the same all over the world.

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